Accounting for Business Students eBook : 9781488619847

Accounting for Business Students eBook

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About the book

This edition provides business and accounting students with an understanding of the main accounting concepts and their practical application in decision-making.

With a focus on engagement and relevance Accounting for Business Students offers technical depth with the inclusion of business transactions and accounting systems and internal control plus business related examples and cases.

The emphasis is on the application and interpretation of information for decision-making, and the underlying concepts of accounting. Features throughout the text focus on developing an understanding of key accounting principles through the use of relevant and engaging examples.

Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Introduction to accounting
  • Chapter 2 Measuring and reporting financial position
  • Chapter 3 Measuring and reporting financial performance
  • Chapter 4 Recording transactions—the journal and ledger accounts
  • Chapter 5 Accounting systems and internal control
  • Chapter 6 Introduction to limited companies
  • Chapter 7 Regulatory framework for companies
  • Chapter 8 Measuring and reporting cash flows
  • Chapter 9 Corporate social responsibility and sustainability accounting
  • Chapter 10 Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
  • Chapter 11 Cost–volume–profit analysis and relevant costing
  • Chapter 12 Full costing
  • Chapter 13 Planning and budgeting
  • Chapter 14 Capital investment decisions
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