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Business Law VitalSource eBook

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About the book

A student-friendly approach with extensive coverage of business law topics and the legal environment in which businesses must operate.

This edition links the application of law and government regulation to a business environment and helps students develop an understanding of the legal processes that impact on business.

It focuses on the importance of the application of court decisions, statutes, and government regulation to both business and students’ daily lives. A variety of features help make learning more effective and help students see the relevance of the theory and content to their life and work.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Legal Foundations
Chapter 2 Legal Systems
Chapter 3 How Law is Made: Precedent/Statute Law

Chapter 4 Civil Liability: The Law of Torts and Negligence
Chapter 5 Applications of Negligence to Business

Chapter 6 Introduction to Contracts
Chapter 7 Agreement Between the Parties
Chapter 8 Intention to Create Legal Relations
Chapter 9 Consideration
Chapter 10 Capacity of the Parties
Chapter 11 Genuine Consent
Chapter 12 Is the Contract Legal?
Chapter 13 Terms of the Contract
Chapter 14 Rights and Liabilities of the Parties, Discharge and Remedies
Chapter 15 Remedies in Contract

Chapter 16 Statutory Consumer Guarantees and the Australian Consumer Law
Chapter 17 General and Specific Consumer Protections under the ACL

Chapter 18 Agency
Chapter 19 Introduction to Companies and Incorporated Associations
Chapter 20 Partnerships
Chapter 21 Choosing a Business Entity

Chapter 22 Other Business-Related Torts
Chapter 23 Insurance
Chapter 24 Sale of Goods—Business to Business
Chapter 25 Electronic Commerce
Chapter 26 Property and Mortgages
Chapter 27 Intellectual Property
Chapter 28 Ethics and Business Practice
Chapter 29 Criminal Law in a Business Context
Chapter 30 Competition Law
Chapter 31 Negotiable Instruments

Chapter 32 Insolvency and Debt Recovery
Chapter 33 The Work Environment and the Employment Relationship
Chapter 34 Consumer Credit and Privacy
Chapter 35 Ethics and Regulations in Marketing and Advertising

New to this edition

New features and content incorporated into Business Law to demonstrate the application of law and government regulation to the business environment include:

  • The citation for Australian cases, where possible, is in report-neutral form. The reference to where the case may be found is not cited to a law report but rather to where it can be accessed online.
  • Topic coverage has been increased in a number of areas to reflect changing needs in student understanding of how the law interfaces and interacts with business.
  • All cases now contain a Comments section setting out points to note about the case and putting it into a context that will help to give business students a better understanding of where a legal principle might perhaps have emanated from or how it applies to a particular fact situation.
  • All cases contain a Reflection question asking students to think about the case and the decision, and to reflect on its importance and application to business.
Features & benefits
  • Learning objectives are stated at the beginning of the chapter. They provide an excellent framework and revision tool.
  • In brief boxes summarise key points relevant to the particular area of law under discussion.
  • Business tips and risk management alerts identify areas of the law that people in business need to be alert to or aware of.
  • Questions feature throughout the book to try to focus students on what they are about to read and, perhaps more importantly, why.
  • Boxed cases that are broken up into a number of parts, to make them user-friendly as possible and are integrated into the text
  • Review questions provide an opportunity for students to test their understanding of key concepts and issues as they arise in a chapter, and also serve as a quick revision.
  • At the end of every chapter, there is material to engage, challenge, and test students’ understanding of the area covered in the chapter. This includes key points, key terms, and tutorial questions.
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