Fundamentals of Financial Markets and Institutions in Australia eBook (2e) : 9781488620294

Fundamentals of Financial Markets and Institutions in Australia eBook (2e)

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Pearson Australia
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Designed for first-year commerce students who need a brief yet applied introduction to the financial industry. Describes why things happen the way they do, and delineates the relationships amongst different markets and institutions.

Reflect current industry trends and events: to reflect the dynamic nature of global capital markets post the Global Financial Crisis. Also includes a substantial revision of the chapter on banks, reflecting the most recent capital guidelines, and the payments system, incorporating recent technological innovation.

Experienced author team - bringing together the best of academia and industry: building on the respected foundation of the first edition co-authored by the late Tom Valentine, a new co-author, Taiji Watanabe joins the established authoring team of Guy Ford and Liam O’Hara.

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Table of contents
  • 1. Introduction to Financial Markets and Institutions
  • 2. Debt Securities and Markets
  • 3. Financial Calculations
  • 4. Banks and Other Deposit-Taking Institutions
  • 5. The Payments System
  • 6. Managed and Superannuation Funds/Financial Planning
  • 7. Interest Rates and the Yield Curve
  • 8. The Foreign Exchange Market A
  • 9. The Foreign Exchange Market B
  • 10. The Share Market
  • 11. Fixed Rate Derivatives
  • 12. Options
  • 13. Globalisation and Financial Market Instability
  • 14. Managing Foreign Exchange Risk
  • 15. Managing Interest Rate Risk
Author biography
Professor Tom Valentine was Adjunct Professor of Finance at Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM). Prior to this, Tom was Professor of Banking and Finance at Western Sydney University.
Liam O’Hara is a market economist working in Sydney. Liam also teaches in the areas of macroeconomics, financial economics and financial markets at the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales.
Professor Guy Ford is the Director of the MBA at the University of Sydney Business School. Guy teaches in the areas of corporate finance, financial markets, corporate acquisitions and creativity, innovation and business.
Taiji Watanabe is a senior lecturer in banking and finance and teaches at the University of Southern Queensland. Taiji holds a PhD in economics from the State University of New York and a JD from the University of Queensland.
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