Introduction to Health Psychology in Australia eBook (3e) : 9781488620324

Introduction to Health Psychology in Australia eBook (3e)

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Pearson Australia
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About the book: This product provides a comprehensive and balanced coverage of health psychology from an Australian and international perspective, one of the only health psychology texts on the market to do so.

With coverage across all mainstream health topics with analyses and evaluations of contemporary issues, the authors present issues then introduce theory and research evidence to assess the relevant interventions.

In addition to the original European focus, the authors believed a comprehensive Australian-focused textbook is required; one that covered some of the health issues unique to Australia. The vast rural and regional areas, indigenous populations, and the high immigrant population, all present particular challenges to our health system that are important to understand and address.

The overall aim of this product is to provide a comprehensive Australian textbook which is firmly grounded in both theory and empirical evidence, with sufficient breadth of material for introductory students, but also sufficient research depth to benefit final-year students or those conducting a health psychology project.

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Table of contents
  • PART I Being and staying healthy
  • 1 What is health?
  • 2 Health inequalities
  • 3 Health-risk behaviour
  • 4 Health-protective behaviour
  • 5 Explaining health behaviour
  • 6 Changing behaviour: mechanisms and approaches
  • 7 Preventing health problems
  • PART II Becoming ill
  • 8 The body in health and illness
  • 9 Symptom perception, interpretation and response
  • 10 The consultation and beyond
  • 11 Stress, health and illness: theory
  • 12 Stress and illness moderators and interventions
  • PART III Being ill
  • 13 The impact of illness on quality of life
  • 14 The impact of illness on patients and their families
  • 15 Pain
  • 16 Improving health and quality of life
  • PART IV Futures
  • 17 Futures
  • Glossary
  • Index

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