Designing for Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) Foundation Learning Guide: CCDP ARCH 300-320 (4e) : 9781587144622

Designing for Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) Foundation Learning Guide: CCDP ARCH 300-320 (4e)

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This is Cisco's authorized, self-paced, foundation learning tool for the latest version of the Cisco Designing Network Service Architectures (ARCH 300-301) exam, now required for CCDP certification. It presents a structured and modular approach to designing networks that are scalable, resilient, offer outstanding performance and availability, and have well-defined failure domains.

In this entirely new Fourth Edition, Marwan Al-shawi and Andre Laurent guide you through performing the conceptual, intermediate, and detailed design of a modern network infrastructure. You'll learn how to create designs that support a wide variety of high-value network solutions over intelligent network services. Closely following the newest CCDP ARCH exam requirements, the authors discuss routing and switching designs of campus and enterprise networks in detail, including data center and wireless networks. Coverage includes:

  • Enterprise IGP and BGP connectivity
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) design
  • Enterprise network to data center integration
  • Designing enterprise security services
  • Designing QoS for enterprise networks
  • Designing large-scale IPv6 networks
  • Designing IP Multicast for the enterprise
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) for the enterprise

As a Foundation Learning Guide, this book fully reflects the content of the newest Cisco CCDP ARCH course. Real-world scenarios illustrate key concepts; chapter learning objectives and summaries help focus study; and review questions help readers assess their knowledge.

Table of contents

Part I. Enterprise IGP Connectivity
1. Developing Enterprise EIGRP Networks
2. Developing Enterprise OSPF Networks
3. Developing Enterprise IS-IS Networks


Part II. Enterprise BGP Connectivity
4. Enterprise iBGP Network Sessions and Communities
5. BGP Load Sharing Scenarios


Part III. Wide Area Network Designs
6. Integrating Designs with Service Provider Managed VPNs
7. Enterprise Managed VPN Design
8. Developing Resilient WAN Designs and the Campus Edge


Part IV. Enterprise Network to Data Center Integration
9. Modular Data Center Networks
10. Data Center Interconnects and Traffic Flow


Part V. Designing Enterprise Security Services
11. Security Services and Infrastructure Protection
12. Designing Security Solutions


Part VI. Designing QoS for the Enterprise Network
13. Designing Quality of Service Principles
14. Designing Enterprise QoS Solutions


Part VII. Designing IPv6 Networks for the Enterprise
15. IPv6 Design Considerations
16. IPv6 Transitional Issues


Part VIII. Designing IP Multicast for the Enterprise
17. The Basics of Enterprise Multicast
18. PIM-SM Rendezvous Point Distribution
19. IP Multicast Security


Part IX. Software Defined Networking for the Enterprise
20. SDN and APIC

New to this edition
This Third Edition is entirely new. Written from scratch by a new author, it covers the new CCDP ARCH exam scheduled for release by Cisco in 4Q15.