LISP Network Deployment and Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide to LISP Implementation on IOS, IOS-XR, and NX-OS : 9781587145063

LISP Network Deployment and Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide to LISP Implementation on IOS, IOS-XR, and NX-OS

Shakil & Jain
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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The LISP overlay protocol helps organizations provide seamless connectivity to devices and workloads wherever they move, enabling open and highly scalable networks with unprecedented flexibility and agility. LISP Network Deployment and Troubleshooting is the single source for understanding, configuring and troubleshooting LISP on Cisco IOS, IOS XR and NX-OS platforms. It brings together comprehensive coverage of how LISP works, how it integrates with leading Cisco platforms, how to configure it for maximum efficiency, and how to troubleshoot LISP-related issues such as scalability and convergence.

Focusing on design and deployment in real production environments, leading Cisco LISP engineers Tarique Shakil and Vinit Jain offer authoritative coverage of deploying LISP, verifying its operation, and optimizsng its performance in widely diverse environments. Drawing on their unsurpassed experience supporting LISP deployments, they share detailed configuration examples, templates, and best practices designed to help you succeed with LISP no matter how you intend to use it. Coverage includes:

  • Problems LISP solves, current use cases, and powerful emerging applications
  • Standards and architecture, including control and data planes, packets, messaging, and communication processes
  • LISP IPv4 unicast routing, IPv6 enablement/transition, and multicast
  • LISP mobility in traditional data center and VXLAN fabrics
  • LISP network virtualization and multi-tenancy
  • LISP in the enterprise multi-homed Internet/WAN edge
  • Securing, managing, and automating LISP
Table of contents
  • 1. LISP Introduction
  • 2. LISP Architecture
  • 3. LISP IPv4 Unicast Routing
  • 4. LISP IPv6 Unicast Routing
  • 5. LISP Multicast Routing Fundamentals
  • 6. LISP IP Mobility in Traditional Data Center Network
  • 7. LISP IP Mobility in Modern Data Center Fabrics
  • 8. LISP Network Virtualization/Multi-tenancy
  • 9. LISP in the Enterprise Multi-homed Internet/WAN Edge
  • 10. LISP Security