Network Security First-Step (2e) : 9781587204104

Network Security First-Step (2e)

Thomas Thomas M & Stoddard Donald
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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Today, every business relies on the Internet - and, therefore, every business requires strong network security.

Network Security First-Step, Second Edition explains the basics of modern network security in easy language anyone can understand, even those with no previous technical experience.  Throughout, consistent features simplify both learning and reference:

  • Essentials First approach begins each technical discussion with a real-world/first-step overview, organising complex subjects into small, easy-to-understand elements
  • Chapter Mini Case Studies, many with simple diagrams that show how network security is typically implemented
  • Highlighted Keywords with definitions in boxes
Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 There Be Hackers Here!
  • Chapter 2 Security Policies
  • Chapter 3 Processes and Procedures
  • Chapter 4 Network Security Standards and Guidelines
  • Chapter 5 Overview of Security Technologies
  • Chapter 6 Security Protocols
  • Chapter 7 Firewalls
  • Chapter 8 Router Security
  • Chapter 9 IPsec Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)  
  • Chapter 10 Wireless Security
  • Chapter 11 Intrusion Detection and Honeypots
  • Chapter 12 Tools of the Trade
  • Appendix A Answers to Review Questions
New to this edition

This edition's extensively updated coverage includes: hacker attacks, security technologies and protocols, firewalls, router security, IPsec, VPNs, wireless security, intrusion detection, security tools, and much more. All-new chapters cover security policies and procedures, as well as security guidelines and standards. The authors also present an extensive new discussion of the legal implications of security breaches and compliance.

Features & benefits
  • For everyone who wants to learn about network security and build a career in this crucial, fast-growing profession
  • Updated, easy-to-understand introductions to hackers, attacks, security tools/technologies, networking equipment, wireless security, and more
  • Authoritative, step-by-step, best-practice guidance on preparing for and reacting to security incidents
Author biography

Tom Thomas, CCIE No. 9360, claims he never works because he loves what he does. When you meet him, you will agree!


Throughout his many years in the networking industry, Tom has taught thousands of people how networking works and the secrets of the life of a packet. Tom is the author or coauthor of 18 books on networking, including the acclaimed OSPF Network Design Solutions, published by Cisco Press and now in its second edition. Beyond his many books, Tom also has taught computer and networking skills through his roles as an instructor and training-course developer.


In addition to holding the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification–the pinnacle of networking certifications–Tom holds Cisco CCNP Security, CCDA, and CCNA certifications and is a certified Cisco Systems instructor (CCSI). These certifications support his industry-proven, problem-solving skills through technical leadership with demonstrated persistence and the ability to positively assist businesses in leveraging IT resources in support of their core business. He has also completed his Master of Science degree in network architecture and is looking at a doctorate next.


Tom currently is the CIO of Qoncert, a Cisco Gold Partner in Southern Florida that has an affiliated arm known as, a Cisco Learning Partner, where he provides strategic direction and a little hands-on for customers of all types.


Donald Stoddard began his career in information technology in 1998, designing networks and implementing security for schools in North Dakota and South Dakota. He then went on to design and implement Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for a firm in Denver, Colorado. While there, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in computer information systems management from Colorado Christian University. From Colorado, he then moved south, learned the ins-and-outs of Cisco VoIP, and began working through designing and securing VoIP solutions throughout the southeast. Don holds Microsoft MCSA and Linux+ and Security+ certifications and is presently wading through the CISSP material.


Currently, Don works for the Department of the Navy as the Information Assurance Officer for one of the premier Navy research and development labs, where he provides certification and accreditation guidance for the various projects being developed for implementation and deployment.


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