Accounting Systems Design : 9781740096997

Accounting Systems Design

Trenerry, Alan
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Pearson Australia
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The purpose of this text is to provide both the theory and principles to support the design applications for developing accounting systems. This text has been designed to provide students with the knowledge to:

  • Describe the fundamental principles and introduce the information technology skills required by accountants to develop either manual or computer-based accounting information systems
  • Describe and perform the procedures for preparing documentation for accounting information systems using flowchart symbols, data-flow diagrams and other recognised techniques
  • Design an Accounting Information System for one of the accounting cycles
  • Understand and describe the essential basic principles and information processing operations in both the financial management and financial reporting cycles
Table of contents
1.       Characteristics of Accounting Information Systems
2.       The System Development Life Cycle
3.       Managing the System Development
4.       System Design Fundamentals
5.       Documentation for Systems Design
6.       Accounting Sub-Systems

Answers to Self-test Questions

Features & benefits
  • Learning Outcomes and Learning Objectives for each chapter
  • The principles of each topic (with supporting examples) are set in a concise point format
  • Each chapter has extensive end-of-chapter Revision Questions to aid student learning and reinforce the chapter content
  • Case Studies and Projects applying the principles covered in the chapter in simulated scenarios
  • The Practical Applications section, at the end of each chapter, is divided into a self-assessment question and at least five Case Studies - applying the principles covered in the chapter to simulated scenarios
  • The Projects will require the student to research the principles discussed in the text, then apply these principles to real-life situations. Answers to these will be provided for teachers in an Instructors Manual
  • Clear figures and tables illustrate important concepts in the text
Author biography
Alan Trenerry is a TAFE Accounting lecturer with many years teaching experience in Vocational education. He is also the author of several books in the TAFE Accounting area.
Target audience

The text is ideal for students studying Financial Management - in the Diploma and Advanced Diplomas of Accounting.

The text encompasses the Assessment Criteria in the competency:

  • FNSACCT505B        Establish and maintain accounting information systems

It also covers the Learning Outcomes for the NSW Accounting Module:

  • 9434S Accounting Systems Design

Pearson Scope FNSACCT505A Student Assessment Guide is also available that will assist teachers and trainers with assessment of the competency standard:

  • FNSACCT505B     Establish and maintain accounting information systems
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