Eight Ways At Once: Book 1 : 9781740911184

Eight Ways At Once: Book 1

McGrath, Helen & Noble, Toni
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Pearson Australia
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Eight Ways at Once is a series of two teacher reference books that update Gardners multiple intelligences model. Book 1 introduces and explains the revisions to both Gardners and Blooms models and outlines over 200 classroom strategies. Book 2 applies the strategies from Book 1 to five units of work: Animals, Literature, Space and Flight, Heath and Wellbeing, and Planet Earth.
Book 1
  • A detailed explanation and translation of the most significant changes in each of the revised models
  • A version of the highly successful MI/Bloom planning matrix which was pioneered by the authors and has since been utilised by thousands of teachers and adapted by other authors and consultants
  • Checklists for self-assessment and teacher observation
  • Engaging MI games and sorts which help students to assess their own strengths with less reading and writing and more hands-on responses.
  • Over 200 practical teaching strategies and games (each categorised by MI and Blooms level of thinking)
  • FAQs on strategies for assessment using MI, Bloom and the planning matrix
  • Guidelines for developing MI learning centres
Author biography
Dr Helen McGrath is a former teacher now lecturing in education and psychology in the Faculty of Education at Deakin University, Burwood, Victoria.  She also has a private psychology practice and presents keynote addresses and runs workshops for teachers on topics such as student resilience, teaching social skills, multiple intelligences, the thinking curriculum, behaviour management, effective engagement, boys and literacy, and gifted education.  She is author/co-author of Bounce Back!; Friendly Kids, Friendly Classrooms; Different Kids, Same Classroom and Dirty Tricks.
Dr Toni Noble is also a former teacher now lecturing in psychology, special education and education of gifted students at the Australian Catholic University-National in NSW. She also runs workshops and presents keynote addresses for teachers on topics such as student resilience, multiple intelligences, the thinking curriculum, gifted and special education, mixed-ability teaching and co-operative learning.  She is co-author of Bounce Back! and Different Kids, Same Classroom.
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