Social Work and Human Service Practice (5e) : 9781741039061

Social Work and Human Service Practice (5e)

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For use in Introduction to Social Work and Human Service courses at undergraduate or post graduate levels. 
Social Work and Human Services 5e retains all the positive aspects of the fourth edition by continuing to recognise the particular contribution that social work knowledge, values and skills can make to the work of a range of people employed in the human services, including but not limited to social workers. This text has been renamed Social Work and Human Service Practice in recognition of the ongoing diversification of the occupational groups responding to the needs of individuals, groups and communities in Australian society.
The authors continue to emphasise the purposeful, outcome nature of social work and human service practice, and the need for a critical stance in analysing and responding to individual, group and community issues and for ongoing development as a practitioner.
Table of contents
1: Social work, human service work and social arrangements: a framework for practice
2: Social welfare in Australia
3: Knowledge base for practice
4: Engaging with others: use of self, relationship building and communication processes in practice
5: Assessment and negotiating outcomes
6: Intervention
7: Intervention and the organisational context
8: Towards ethical self-reflective practice
New to this edition


  • NEW! Chapter map framework: to enable readers to better understand and visualise the theoretical framework of the book, and to link what they learn in each chapter together.
  • NEW! Chapter 3 Knowledge base for practice: which highlights and links to the case studies that follow throughout the text.
  • UPDATED!  Chapter 2 Social welfare in Australia: now incorporates a section on the history of social work in Australia as well as other significant changes in welfare.
  • UPDATED! Case studies to reflect current constraints and opportunities around human service organisations and the links between theory to practice, both in terms of using and generating practice knowledge.





Features & benefits
• Readings and end of each chapter questions allow students to ground the material within their own context.
• Web links at the end of each chapter invite students to search the internet for latest research.