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Enriching The Experience

Pastorelli, John
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Pearson Australia
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This exciting new text provides a practical and contemporary foray into the skills and knowledge required by Tourist Guides. It encompasses a variety of techniques, concepts, activities and case studies within the growing field of Interpretation. This field is gaining an increased profile as the way forward for learning and development programs for Guides.

The author has provided the content in a highly accessible way, widely using examples that bring together guiding and recent interpretation theory with a fresh approach to the topic.

Table of contents
1.  Guiding: An Interpretive Approach
  • The guiding environment
  • An interpretive approach to guiding
  • A tourism industry overview
  • Types of tours
 2.  The Guide
  • Tourist Guides – a group of skilled professionals
  • Where do Guides work?
  • The roles of a Guide
 3.  Your Audience
  • Getting to know your audience
  • Principles of conducting a tour
  • How do you find out about your audience?
  • Building a relationship with your audience
 4.  Effective Communication
  • The communication process
  • Factors affecting effective communication
  • Ensuring effective communication
  • Listening – the pathway to understanding
  • Working with questions
 5.  Presenting Tour Activities
  • Effective presentation techniques
  • Working with microphones
  • Managing the nervous twitch
  • Adding strength and colour to the voice
 6.  Planning and Developing Tour Activities
  • Tour structures and tour stages
  • Planning and designing the tour
  • Conducting the tour
  • Evaluating the tour
  • OH&S, risk management and liabilities
  • Tours as a learning experience
  • Perception layering
  • Creative thinking
 7.  Your Tour Commentary
  • What is a commentary?
  • Structure of your commentary
  • Building your commentary
  • Enriching your commentary
 8.  Working with Tour Groups
  • Engaging in conversation and remembering people’s names
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction through high quality customer service
  • Managing difficult situations
  • Assertive behaviour in more detail
  • What to do when things go awry
 9.  Extended Tours
  • What are extended tours?
  • Being a tour manager
  • Working with coaches and buses
  • Stages of an extended tour
  • What could go wrong on extended tours?
 10.  Working with Stories
  • What are stories?
  • Why do we work with stories?
  • Structure of a story
  • Telling the story
  • Storyforms
  • Character interpretation – telling a story in character
Features & benefits
  The text has the following features and benefits:
  • Alignment to a number of competency standards, providing a cost effective and concise resource for students
  • Activities throughout each chapter that ask students to develop and extend their understanding of the content and concepts
  •  Special Focus studies within chapters giving the student a wider perspective on the concepts being discussed
  • Special Focus Interpretation studies at the end of each chapter, providing real information on guiding for a range of Australian situations
  • A wide range of references, sources of further information and websites for further study.
Author biography
John Pastorelli is the principal of Ochre Heritage Training Consultants and specialises in designing and delivering training programs in Tour Guiding, Storytelling and Interpretation Techniques. John has extensive experience in competency based training, has worked as a Tour Guide for a variety of heritage based organisations, and has managed a range of guide based programs, including the Sydney Bridge Climb.
Target audience
The text has been written to assist the delivery of the following competency standards from the Tourism Training Package:
  • THTFTG01B     Work as a guide
  • THTFTG03B     Develop and maintain general knowledge required by guides
  • THTFTG04B     Coordinate and operate a tour
  • THTFTG05B     Lead tour groups
  • THTFTG06B     Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities
  • THHPPD05B    Plan and develop interpretive activities
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