The Monster's Clothes - Sails First Wave: Collection A : 9781869443511

The Monster's Clothes - Sails First Wave: Collection A

Eggleton, Jill
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Pearson New Zealand
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Reading Level: 1
Colour Wheel: Magenta

Bank of Words and Phrases covered in this title: The


Sails Literacy Series



Developed by Jill Eggleton and Jo Windsor

The Sails Literacy Series is the perfect resource for Guided Reading and Writing, Reciprocal Reading and Independent Reading. The engaging visuals and subjects will motivate your students to read for pleasure and for information.

First Wave Emergent Titles

Provides enjoyable early reading experiences that are successful for children.

Through the First Wave Emergent books, children will learn and practise a bank of high-frequency words. The learning sequence is developed in a careful and logical way, supportive of the progression children need to make. Two to four titles for each word bank provide excellent reading mileage and consolidation of words learnt. Throughout the series the complexity of text builds from spreads with simple two-word captions to sentences of five words.

A unique feature of the First Wave books is the visual storyframes which provide a springboard for oral discussion and critical thinking.

Additional features:

  • focus words reappear on pages 14 and 15 in a further "visual story" that provides another platform for oral discussion and oral retelling
  • an interactive word differentiation page reinforces and consolidates the learning of high-frequency words
  • 12 pages of text give reading mileage
  • guide notes inside each book provide readily accessible support for teachers
  • colourful, modern designs that capture children's attention
  • a variety of layouts with strong visual elements that incorporate trails, labelled pictures and speech bubbles.

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