Nitty Gritty 3 - The Time Stealers : 9781869706463

Nitty Gritty 3 - The Time Stealers

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Yakkity, yakkity, yak. If it weren’t for his self-obsessed ex-girlfriend Jaz, Neil Jarvie would be entirely happy with his life in Tal City. Sure there were probably more manicured trees than there were people, but the surveillance net was so thorough you could always find any person or place or information you wanted on your mobile. Except, oddly enough, about the history of Tal City. And now he had a Timer on his hands. He’d thought it would be interesting to help out a time traveller, but this one seemed obsessed with her own history, as well as ridiculously paranoid about surveillance . . .

Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2009 Finalist  - Best Novella/Novelette

Nitty Gritty Novels Series 3

Reading Age 12-14 years

An exciting new series of chapter books from New Zealand and International authors. Develop your students' critical literacy skills and challenge their thinking with Nitty Gritty Novels - high-interest, rich texts, targeted at young adolescents.

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