Touche ! 1 Student Book: Coursebook : 9781876209896

Touche ! 1 Student Book: Coursebook

Comley, Judy
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Pearson Australia
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Touché ! provides a fresh, easy-to-use choice for busy teachers of French. With six semester-length, topic-based stages, Touché ! is geared to the crucial middle years where student motivation and experience of progress are so important.

There are also computer-based research activities, a glossary of useful reference points and French/English and English/French vocabulary lists.
Table of contents
  • Unité 1 Toi et moi
  • Unité 2 Les voisins
  • Unité 3 Voici ma famille
  • Unité 4 Les animaux
Features & benefits
  • Semester-length, sequential stages allow greater flexibility of usage
  • Focus on the francophone world, including Besançon, New Caledonia and Quebec
  • Engaging cartoon stories,‘photoon’ stories and higher level texts
  • Explicit statements of learning outcomes — students can monitor their own progress
  • A carefully phased, confidence-building approach to speaking skills
  • Wide range of text types provide varied listening, reading and writing practice
  • Attention to cultural understanding and intercultural comparisons
  • Extension tasks, original songs and games allow a change of pace
  • Clear instructions help students work effectively and independently

Author biography
Pearson takes great pride in our authors. We source authors and contributors that are industry leading experts, with extensive experience of teaching and learning in their fields, from every state of Australia. We commission only the best authors who offer valuable insights and something unique to bring to the project.
Contributing Authors: Michael Keast, Catherine Willoughby, James Griffiths, Doriana Previati, Philippe Vallantin, Isabelle Mangeot-Hewison and Michael Bate.
Target audience
Suitable for Upper Primary - Junior Secondary French students.
Series overview
Touché ! is an easy-to-use course combining clever language-learning strategies with great student appeal. Geared to the middle years, Touché ! caters for a range of student abilities and learning styles, stimulates student motivation and promotes real progress.
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