Write on Track: A Guide to Academic Writing : 9781877371134

Write on Track: A Guide to Academic Writing

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Pearson New Zealand
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Write on Track: A Guide to Academic Writing helps students develop their thinking and writing skills and offers a practical and helpful guide to writing essays in an academic environment. The language is carefully graded and jargon-free, presenting this often complex subject in a simple but comprehensive form.
Features & benefits
  • The language is accessible to all learners, including those with English as a second language.
  • The design takes into account different learning styles and will appeal to visual as well as verbal learners.
  • The text follows the same guidelines as those being taught in the book, which means the reader is learning even as s/he reads.
  • The practical activities encourage skills development alongside an understanding of underlying principles.
  • The information is divided into short sections, with ‘checkpoint’ exercises and activities between each section to stimulate thought and review.
  • The summary tables and ‘check your understanding’ quizzes at the end of each chapter, encourage the reader to retain what s/he has read.
  • ‘Train your mind’ exercises suggest things the reader can do for ongoing improvement.
Author biography
Mary Thoreau (BA (Hons), Dip Bus Admin, CATE, CLTA) is a Senior Lecturer in Communication Studies at the Auckland University of Technology. Her specialist teaching area is in foundation studies, with particular focus on the development of academic writing skills. She has taught at secondary and tertiary levels in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada. All of her teaching has involved working with students from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. She is also co-author of two textbooks: Communication in Practice: Skills for the Workplace (Pearson Education, 2001) and Communication Plus: A Spiral for Success (Pearson Education, 2002).