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Human Resources Management in New Zealand (5e)

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Human Resources Management in New Zealand provides a wide ranging discussion of people management concepts and techniques, set in a New Zealand context. It describes human resources management at both strategic and operational levels, drawing ‘good practice’ examples from leading New Zealand organisations.

It is an up-to-date text for tertiary students, a reference for human resources specialists, and offers practical guidance for anyone concerned with the employment, management and development of people and their performance in the workplace.

Table of contents
Guided tour of the book
Preface to the fifth edition
Setting the scene

Part One
Introduction to human resources management
1 What is human resources management?
2 People management makes the difference
3 Strategic human resources management
4 Future challenges for HR management
5 Roles and responsibilities for HR management
6 The HR function
7 Competences, professionalism and ethics
8 HR policies and procedures
9 Assessing HR effectiveness

Part Two
Staffing the organisation
10 Planning for human resources
11 Organising work and designing jobs
12 Recruitment and selection
13 Welcoming the new employee

Part Three
Managing people and performance
14 The employment relationship
15 Employee engagement
16 Managing performance
17 Performance planning and review
18 Workplace safety and health
19 Employee wellbeing
20 Work–life balance

Part Four
Managing employment relations
21 The nature of employment relations
22 Employers, workers and unions
23 Employment agreements
24 Negotiations and bargaining
25 Discipline, disputes and grievances
26 Leaving the organisation

Part Five
Developing people and performance
27 From training to learning
28 The learning organisation
29 Career and personal development
30 Training for job performance
31 Management development
32 Coaching and mentoring
33 Industry training in New Zealand

Part Six
Rewarding people and performance
34 Rewards for people and performance
35 Remuneration philosophies and strategies
36 Remuneration systems and structures
37 Types of pay and pay systems
38 Managing employee benefits

Key terms explained
Features & benefits

This edition of Human Resources Management in New Zealand has been completely reorganised and rewritten.

The new edition includes:

  • easier navigation
  • case studies, assignments and review questions at the end of each section
  • in-text features to help with learning and practical application
  • concise summaries of key theoretical or research evidence
  • 'good practice' examples from leading New Zealand organisations
  • a glossary of human resources terms.
Author biography

Richard Rudman is a consultant and author in human resources management and related areas. His entire working career has been spent in HR, as a practitioner or adviser in both private and public sector organisations. He is the author of a number of books and online resources, has taught undergraduate and graduate university courses, and given papers to many human resources conferences around the world. He is a Life Fellow of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.

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