New Zealand Employment Relations: NZIM Series (3e) : 9781877371424

New Zealand Employment Relations: NZIM Series (3e)

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New Zealand Employment Relations looks at the ways in which employers, employees and their representatives interact, examining their motives and actions in a social, political and economic context. It provides an accessible and practical guide to legal rights and responsibilities, basic employment law, and topical issues in the workplace.

Written specifically to cover the learning outcomes for the level 4 employment relations paper of the NZIM Certificate in Management, this book is suitable for a range of introductory employment relations courses. Managers, supervisors and worker representatives, as well those seeking a general introduction to labour and employment relations, will also find this book useful.

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  1. Employment relations in New Zealand
  2. The parties to the employment relationship
  3. The nature of employment agreements
  4. Bargaining
  5. Resolving employment problems
  6. Employment relations in the changing workplace

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New to this edition
  • The third edition has been updated to include recent amendments to the Employment Contracts Act 2000 and other employment laws.
  • Additional case studies illustrate current employment relations issues.
Features & benefits
  • Covers legal rights and responsibilities in the workplace.
  • Provides practical guidance on wage bargaining.
  • Looks at the context within which employment relations operate.
  • Discusses topical issues such as equity in the workplace.

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Author biography
Peter Haynes, BCom, MPhil (Hons), is a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland Business School. He has been a Principal Lecturer at the Manukau Institute of Technology and an Industrial Officer with the Public Service Association as well as a senior policy analyst in the Ministry of Energy. He has published widely in international journals on employee voice, union-management cooperation, trade union strategy, and HRM and employment relations in the fast food and hotel industries.

Yvonne Oldfield, BA/LLB, is currently a member of the Employment Relations Authority, and prior to that was a member of the Employment Tribunal (1994–2000). She has been involved in employment advocacy (Hotel and Hospital Workers Union 1985–1990) and teaching (University of Waikato 1990–92, and Auckland Institute of Technology, 1991–94).

Glenda Fryer, MA (Hons), lectured at the Auckland University of Technology from 1990 until her election to the Auckland City Council in 2001. Prior to that, she practised industrial relations for ten years. She has published research papers on employment relations and HRM in the hospitality industry.