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Enriched learning

Fully integrated with a range of Pearson ELT courses, MyEnglishLabs provide interactive activities and powerful online tools that help to motivate and engage students. They include a wide range of activities that give students tips, automatic feedback and instant grades, allowing students to study at their own pace and keep track of their progress. 

Informed teaching

The intuitive grade book and diagnostic tools provided with MyEnglishLabs reveal, at-a-glance, how your students are progressing. Instant analysis of common errors and time spent on activities provides information that ensures valuable classroom time is spent on the areas which will benefit students the most.

Flexible solutions

As soon as you have created your MyEnglishLab course students can practice where and when they want and, in just a few clicks, you can choose activities and tests that meet the specific requirements of your teaching situation. You can also assign activities to groups of students with different needs helping them to reach their goals more effectively.


MyEnglishLab Introduction  

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MyEnglishLabs support the following series... 

MyEnglishLab - Reading/Writing NEW!

A four-level flexible online program designed to help students develop their academic reading and writing skills and strategies.


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Choices - Upper Secondary



Choices meets the challenge of motivating older teenagers who need to achieve academic and educational goals in a modern world.

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Cutting Edge, 3e - Adult



This fully-revised edition builds on the task-based learning approach that has made Cutting Edge so popular. With fresh, new, integrated DVD material and digital components, learners can be confident of improving their language skills through a carefully balanced range of activities.

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Language Leader

A thought provoking course designed around topic areas that stimulate discussion and debate. This combined with systematic skills work makes it the ideal course for students who are serious about their studies.


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Market Leader

Completely updated to reflect the fast-changing world of business and brings authentic and authoritative content from the Financial Times into the business English classroom.

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Think all grammar courses are the same? Think again ... This is a three level series that takes students from elementary to advanced level grammar through a unique blend of book, online and mobile resources.


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New Total English - Adult



Allow students to work on assigned homework in their own time and get their exercises marked automatically with instant feedback while teachers monitor student's progress at anytime.


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Next Move - Upper Secondary



Your students' ideal guide for their language learning journey with its carefully structured, multi-level approach. Following a guided path on 21st century learning, this course leaves all students thoroughly prepared to make their Next Move - inspiring them to reach for new heights!

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Speakout - Adult



A comprehensive English course that helps learners gain confidence in all skills areas using authentic materials from the BBC. With its wide range of support material, it meets the diverse needs of learners in a variety of teaching situations and helps bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world.


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