Lucy Calkins

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State-of-the-art workshop units, tools and methods from Lucy Calkins 


Writing Units

Built on best practices and a proven framework developed over decades of work, the Writing Units support explicit instruction, provide rich opportunities for practice, and help teachers use learning progressions to set students on trajectories of growth.

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Up the Ladder

The Up the Ladder Writing and Reading Units provide tools for repeated successful practice and rapid movement along a gradually increasing progression of challenges.

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Reading Units

The Reading Units offer a framework for teaching the skills and strategies of proficient reading. Performance assessments and learning progressions help teachers monitor progress, lead small group instruction, and set next-step goals.

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Phonics Units

These lean, engaging Phonics Units provide explicit instruction in high-leverage phonics skills and strategies and support transfer of phonics into reading and writing workshop

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Professional Resources

 Build confidence in the classroom by improving teaching and learning practices in reading and writing.

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Meet Lucy Calkins

As Founding Director of the Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College, Columbia University, Lucy Calkins has spearheaded the development of impactful teaching methods, and empowering professional development resources.