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Focus, improve and challenge your students' literacy knowledge with MainSails


MainSails is an exciting and relevant New Zealand guided reading series, developed by Jill Eggleton and Jo Windsor, pitched at the interest level of middle and upper primary students. Suitable for Reading Ages 9-14.


With vibrant illustrations, photographs and fonts, presented in a sophisticated and innovative magazine-style layout, MainSails will excite, challenge and interest students, while at the same time develop their comprehension skills.


MainSails is ideal for:


  • Guided reading and reciprocal reading
  • Developing students oral reading and comprehension skills
  • Informing students about literary devices such as alliteration, similes and metaphors
  • Supporting students as they develop knowledge of different text types and writing skills


MainSails features:


Think Tanks

Think Tanks appear in every book and implement lateral thinking processes that enhance the reader's comprehension and conceptual understanding of text.


Literacy Devices

Devices such as simile, metaphor, alliteration and personification are introduced at a level congruent with the reader.


Design Approach

MainSails includes sophisticated and innovative design and artwork influenced by visual imagery that students are familiar with and interact with beyond the classroom.

Comprehension Connections


Text to Text
  • Students learn to relate texts to other texts with similar features
Text to Self
  • Learn how to relate elements of the text to personal experiences
Text to World
  • Relating issues within the text to issues in the world today.

Teacher's Resources


MainSails Teacher's Resources provide teaching strategies on guided reading, group and independent work. Blackline Masters are included to encourage further discussion of texts and exciting extension activities. 




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