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Complete coverage of the New Zealand Level 1-4 Mathematics Curriculum


Teachers' Guides

Deliver great lessons with minimal planning while ensuring great results!
The Teachers' Guides form the core of Pearson Mathematics providing a framework and developmental structure to meet the needs of all students.
  • Unit structure allows for multi-level teaching from Levels 1-4
  • All content links to National Curriculum Achievement Objectives and Figure It Out booklets
  • Complete planning support is provided including suggested learning outcomes
  • Blackline masters and Activity templates
  • Answers to all student material
  • Templates for individual student's assessment records

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Student Activity Cards


Independent Task Cards for Geometry, Measurement and Statistics

Forty practical Activity Task Cards including Teacher Notes and Extension Activities. Accompanying CD includes detailed Teachers' Guide and additional activities for each card.

Independent Activity Cards

Colourful laminated cards cover the number strand and provide plenty of enjoyable and appropriate activities for students. (40 double-sided cards per box with 80 activities)



Student Books


 The Pearson Mathematics Student Books bridge the gap between the curriculum guidelines and the real world of the student.
  • Full-colour, attractive, uncluttered design encourages students to engage positively with the mathematical content
  • Each book covers all three strands – Number and Algebra, Geometry, and Measurement and Statistics
  • Each unit concludes with a Mini Project which enables students to reinforce their learning, apply problem solving skills, collaborate and communicate about maths using mathematical terminology within real-life contexts
  • Available in print and VitalSource eBook formats



View 3b Student Book Sample Pages

Student Maintenance Workbooks


Stage 4b Student Maintenance Workbook

Sample Pages

The Pearson Mathematics series is structured to separate the teaching of the core concept (Student Books) and the practising of these concepts (Maintenance Workbooks).

  • Write-on workbooks designed in weekly assignments
  • A range of key knowledge is revised each week to remind students of what they already know
  • Designed to encourage students to think mathematically and reinforce problem solving strategies rather than simply recall set procedures
  • Use in class or as homework



Primary Maths Assessment Tool

Pearson's New Zealand representative.


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