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Spark interest in even the most reluctant readers


The Rapid family includes Rapid Reading and Rapid Phonics

available in print or on a fun online student world.




Help struggling learners catch-up


Rapid is the complete literacy intervention solution for struggling readers working behind expectations and for children with special education needs.


Based on proven pedagogies, Rapid is designed to improve students confidence and accelerate learning.


Rapid combines colourful characters, dyslexia-friendly fonts, and digital technology to help each student take the small but important steps they need to make progress in reading.


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Proven to quadruple the rate of reading progress


Thousands of schools use Rapid to help their struggling and disadvantaged children catch up - and the results speak for themselves.


An independent study by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) in the UK told us that children using Rapid make more than twice the normal rate of progress in reading. And a trial across seven schools in the Worcestershire district found children quadrupled their expected reading progress!


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Created by experts, who get it


Rapid has been designed by leading experts who have years of experience in helping struggling learners and children with special educational needs.


Both the design and topics are geared towards older children even when the content is at a lower level, so that children don't feel excluded from their classmates.








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