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The Sails Literacy Series provides fiction and non-fiction texts with humour and bright, colourful sophisticated designs to hook the reader and arouse curiosity.


Shared Reading

Big Books and accompanying small books provide rich language, repetitive chunks of rhythm and rhyme, definable plots, supportive illustrations, and varying storylines. Also available on Audio CD.


Projectable Poetry Posters  provide a balance of traditional and modern poetry using humour, fantasy, and more serious verse to encourage students to listen, feel, and create their own responses.  


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Guided Reading

A carefully structured balance of fiction and non-fiction books provides progressive vocabulary and supports student language, reading, and oral development.



Independent practise for students reading at the Blue and Green levels in guided reading.


Written Focus

The Written Focus series introduces students to a variety of text forms and literary devices including simile, metaphor, and alliteration. 


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Teacher Support


The back inside cover of each small book provides a two-page spread that includes Guided Reading notes for teachers, sample Critical Thinking Questions, prompts to Explore Language, and Teacher Guide notes for developing oral, written, and visual skills.


Teacher Resource CD's are available for every level. They contain a wealth of supportive teaching notes including:

  • introductions to various text types 
  • checks for oral, written and visual language and phonological patterns
  • running records to assess student's progress
  • assessment ideas and Blackline Masters
  • additional samples of the Teaching Notes at the back of each book.


Assessment Charting Progress Kits assist teachers to gather information and provide a comprehensive profile of the student's development in oral, written and visual language.









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