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Barton  Mathematics - The complete package for NZ teachers and students

All resources in this award-winning series by New Zealand author David Barton are closely aligned with recent developments in New Zealand Mathematics education. The content is in line with best teaching practice, and the recently updated versions have been expanded to respond to changes in the curriculum and assessment.

These best-selling esources each feature three complementary units that, when used together, provide a complete solution for students and teachers. Each package comprises a Student Textbook, Student Workbook and an Interactive Teaching Resource.


Printed Textbooks

Build skills and confidence

Full-colour textbooks featuring theory notes and explanations, worked examples, comprehensive graded exercises, opportunities to reinforce learning using different types of technology and much more!

Each textbook contains thousands of colourful diagrams, photos, cartoons, tags and icons incorporated within its hundreds of short, focused exercises to help bring mathematics to life and keep students interested. Hundreds of additional puzzles and investigations are included for more able students and fast finishers.


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VitalSource eBooks

Study anywhere, anytime

Purchase a redemption code and download a PDF version of the textbook. Students can read, make notes and study from their eBook at a desk, in the library, on the bus or at home using a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile - anywhere, anytime.

Pearson Secondary VitalSource eBooks are available to students on a one-year lease via VitalSource Bookshelf.



Write-On Workbooks

Practise and consolidate skills

Easy-to-use, write-on workbooks providing self-contained assignments linked to the textbook, making it easy for students to revise and reinforce classroom teaching.

Each workbook contains the worked examples, content summaries and real-world, in-context problems, investigations and puzzles that author David Barton is famous for. Additional material is available on the accompanying Student CD and online at mathematics.co.nz.

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Interactive Teaching Resources

A completely customisable way to teach

These invaluable Teacher Resources provide every textbook and workbook page digitally, in two views: one for classroom use on an interactive whiteboard or for data show display, and the other in the form of a digital guide for teachers, with author comments and advice.

Available on an annual subscription basis, each Interactive Teaching Resource CD is a veritable treasure-trove of practice assessments and apps, solutions to harder questions, extension material, spreadsheets, PowerPoint demonstrations of worked examples, links to websites and more! 



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