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The perfect whole-class readers for Years 9-10!

Created with series editor Frank Cottrell Boyce, Heroes is a series of

short, accessible original fiction novels and plays that teenage boys and girls will love.




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Focus on engagement

  • Exciting novels and plays packed full of action and adventure.
  • Perfect for engaging and captivating less confident readers and encouraging reading for pleasure.
  • ActiveTeach technology bursting with fun activities, games, quizzes and videos!



Build confidence

  • Trialled and tested in schools around the country to ensure the language level is just right.
  • Short, accessible stories that can be read in class helping you to deliver the whole text in six weeks.



Improve reading skills

  • Lesson ideas based on competition and other strategies known to get reluctant readers involved and focused.
  • Assessment tasks provided to help you demonstrate that your students' reading has improved.



What is ActiveTeach?


ActiveTeach is a powerful electronic learning resource that combines innovative teaching materials with the flexibility to introduce your own resources. Each novel and play in the series is supported by an ActiveTeach CD-ROM, which includes:


  • a copy of the book on-screen, perfect for whole-class reading.
  • a bank of activities, all based on strategies known to be most effective in motivating reluctant readers, including: team-scoring comprehension quizzes; short videos; illustrations of key scenes; drama and other kinesthetic activities; gruesome scenarios for writing activities; assessment tasks to measure progress.






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