The complete package for teachers and students

With its ground-breaking approach to Intercultural Language Learning (IcLL), this three level series provides a comprehensive course for teachers and students beginning Japanese in secondary school. 


Student Books

Build skills and confidence
  • Explicit use of IcLL principles such as analysing, noticing, making connections and reflecting on one's own and others' language(s) and culture(s) provide rich and meaningful learning.
  • Script (hiragana and kanji) is introduced in purposeful and meaningful contexts. Hiragana is introduced progressively so that students learn to read and write quickly and confidently.
  • The range of text types provides opportunities to develop students' literacy skills.

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Write-on Workbooks/Activity Books

Practise and consolidate skills
  • Carefully sequenced and paced tasks provide comprehensive practice of the new language and script in the Student Books.
  • Extensive range of tasks incorporating IcLL principles such as noticing, making comparisons and pre- and post-learning reflection enhance learning.
  • Clear signposts give students a sense of completion and increase motivation.
  • How-to-learn strategies cater for a wide range of learning styles.

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Teacher Companions

Filled with resources to make teaching easier
  • All pages from the Student Book are reproduced with full-colour, wrap-around practical teaching notes, which include IcLL support, assessment ideas, games and a wealth of support material.
  • The Workbook is also reproduced, with answers, providing easy and quick correction. Audio Scripts are also provided.

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Audio CDs

Recordings by native Japanese speakers
  • All listening material for the Student Books, Workbooks and Assessment Tasks is provided in these easy-to-use resources, along with material for additional practice.
  • High quality recordings by native speakers provide opportunities for students to listen to clear and accurate modelling of the spoken language.


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