The evidence-based approach to accelerating progress in writing


Skills for Writing  is a unique digital and print solution for Junior Secondary School students developed in partnership with Professor Debra Myhill and her team from the University of Exeter, UK.


  • Accelerate progress in writing with this new solution based on a proven-to-work pedagogy, improving writing performance.
  • Teach grammar in a contextualised way, always focusing on effects achieved, so students have a wider range of techniques with which to craft creative, effective texts. This is not just another grammar course.
  • Provide engaging and interactive lessons - explore the Student Books on screen and the many digital resources focused on building grammatical knowledge and improving writing.
  • Motivate your students to write independently - encourage students to reflect on their writing and understand how to improve with our range of auto-marked activities.


Support progression with the 

ActiveLearn Digital Service 


Student Book Pack (3 titles) - build skills and confidence

  • Three full-colour Student Books each contain two of the six units of work, making it easy to use different units with different year groups.
  • Learning objectives explain the grammar focus and how it will be used to achieve a certain effect.
  • Extracts from real texts demonstrate the different effects that writers use and model how grammar choices can create these effects.
  • Each fiction unit draws on several novels and students should be encouraged to read full texts independently or as a class alongside the units.
  • Activities give students a chance to put their learning into practice, experimenting with creating different effects in their writing and then reflecting on it. These help to develop the core writing and linguistic analysis skills required.



Our ActiveLearn Digital Service (ALDS)  combines front-of-class teaching resources with online homework, practice and support as well as planning and assessment materials. It also comes with full customer support throughout the subscription to ensure you and your pupils get the most out of the course.


Please note: All ALDS Annual Subscriptions are available for purchase from Edify Limited.  Visit the Edify website to find out more.

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