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  • Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology (3e)

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    The 3rd edition of Historical and Conceptual issues in Psychology offers a lively and engaging introduction to the main issues underlying the emergence and continuing evolution of psychology.

  • The Business Student's Handbook (7e)

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    Develop essential learning and employability skills to excel at business studies The Business Student’s Handbook, 7th Edition, by Cameron brings together personal skills, study skills and employability skills to help students succeed in their academic and professional lives. Designed to supp... Read more >

  • The MBA Handbook (9e)

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    Put ideas into practice using theoretical concepts and real-life examples The MBA Handbook, 9th Edition by Cameron is a vital resource for MBA and other postgraduate management students to gain maximum learning benefit from their programme. This clearly structured handbook addresses the specific... Read more >

  • Agile NOW [Title WIP]

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  • Roadmap A1 Students' Book with Online Practice, Digital Resources & Mobile Practice App

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    The Students' Book includes: Ten units with three main input lessons link to three Develop your listening, reading and writing skills lessons. An English in Action lesson in each unit covers key functional language with video clips and worksheets. In each main lesson the Grammar, ... Read more >