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  • Calculus: A Complete Course (9e)

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    Proven in North America and abroad, this classic text has earned a reputation for excellent accuracy and mathematical rigour.  Previous editions have been praised for providing complete and precise statements of theorems, using geometric reasoning in applied problems, and for offering a range o... Read more >

  • LEAP 2 - Reading and Writing Book + eText + MyLab (2e)

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    Book + Access Code
    LEAP 2 - Reading and Writing (CEFR Level B1) is a task-based textbook for students preparing for college or university studies in English. It offers interesting, challenging and varied content with strong vocabulary work, emphasising Academic Word List items, and solid text-based skills development,... Read more >

  • Red Rocket Readers: Early Level 3 Non-Fiction Set B: Wind (Reading Level 11/F&P Level G)

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    A big wind can blow over a tree. What other things could it blow over? What other things could a tornado lift? People can have fun in the wind. Can you think of some ways to have fun in the wind? Reading Level 11/F&P Level G

  • Red Rocket Readers: Fluency Level 1 Non-Fiction Set B: The Milky Way Big Book Edition (Reading Level 16/F&P Level K)

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    Big Books
    When you look up at the night sky, you will be able to see millions of stars. What else is out there in Space? How far away are the planets and the sun and the moon? What size are they? What are they really like? Non-Fiction Reading Level 16/F&P Level K

  • Technically-Write + MyLab Writing (8e)

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    Book + Access Code
    This pack contains 1 copy of Technically-Write and 1 printed access card to MyLab Writing Technically-Write! explores the most effective techniques for written and oral communication in today's business world, and covers all aspects of technical correspondence, report writing, oral communication, a... Read more >