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  • Corporate Finance Global Edition + MyLab Finance with Pearson eText (4e)

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    Value Pack
    This pack contains 1 copy of Corporate Finance, Global Edition + 1 printed access card to MyLab Finance with Pearson eText. Using the unifying valuation framework based on the Law of One Price, top researchers Jonathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo have set the new canon for corporate finance tex... Read more >

  • Fundamentals of Pharmacology + Microbiology & Infection Control for Health Professionals (8e)

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    Value Pack
    This pack contains 1 copy of Fundamentals of Pharmacology + 1 copy of Microbiology & Infection Control for Health Professionals. Fundamentals of Pharmacology presents key scientific and clinical principles to facilitate a greater understanding of pharmacology. This wholly Australasian text... Read more >

  • Pearson Science 8 Student Book and Activity Book with eBook (2e)

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    This pack contains 1 copy of the Pearson Science 8 Student Book, 1 copy of Pearson Science 8 Activity Book, and access to the eBook Retaining the market-leading inquiry approach to science learning with new and updated content informed by feedback from users of the first edition. T... Read more >

  • Speakout Advanced Students' Book with MyEnglishLab (2e)

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    The Students' Book has a motivating DVD spread at the end of every unit. Based on authentic clips from the BBC's rich archive, these lessons are designed to consolidate language and act as a springboard for further speaking and writing tasks. MyEnglishLab provides a fully blended and personalised l... Read more >

  • Speakout Starter Teacher's Book with Resource and Assessment Disc (2e)

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    The comprehensive Teacher's Book contains detailed notes and extra materials - everything teachers need to make the most of the course. Starter: Global Scale of English 22-32