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  • Every Kid a Writer

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    Anyone who has taught writing knows that sometimes the hardest part about teaching writing is getting students to write at all. What we sometimes forget, Kelly Boswell reminds us, is that every writer is reluctant to write at some point. It’s the conditions––not the kids–... Read more >

  • Not This But That: No More Random Acts of Literacy Coaching

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    Teacher-coach collaboration is critical to teacher effectiveness and student learning, but sometimes the in-the-moment response rate required when supporting several teacher requests at once can make literacy coaching appear to be, well, rather random. No More Random Acts of Literacy Coaching lo... Read more >

  • Risk. Fail. Rise

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    Mistakes are not the problem. The problem is the shame we attach to mistakes and inability to grow from them. You have likely heard the adage, ‘Everyone makes mistakes.’ But what you might not have heard is that there are some predictable reasons why we make these mistakes. Knowing w... Read more >