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  • All New Very Easy True Stories: Intro B

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    True Stories is a six-level reading series that provides entertaining stories and effective reading-skill instruction to English language learners, helping them build language skills through a carefully paced, step-by-step process. The series is appropriate for low-beginning to high-intermediate l... Read more >

  • Basic Reading Power 1 Student Book (3e)

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    Its unique structure, featuring four parts to be used concurrently, allows beginning-level students (with a 300-word vocabulary) to develop the multiple sills and strategies involved in the reading process. Overview Extensive Reading helps students to build reading fluency, broaden knowledge... Read more >

  • Big English 1 Activity Book

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    Think Big! Dream Big! Big English is the most complete package for 6 to 12 year olds. It gives your students all they need to learn English. And it gives you everything you need to engage your students and get great results. Balanced development of language skills, CLIL lessons, critical thinking ... Read more >

  • Big English 1 Audio CD

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    The Audio CDs contain listening activities, songs, including karaoke versions, unit stories and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) readings.  

  • Big English 1 Flashcards

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    Flashcards (up to 80 cards per level; for Levels 1-4 only) Perfect for big classes, large clear cards illustrate target vocabulary. Cards are available in print and digital format in the Teacher's eText.