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  • Adaptive Code: Agile coding with design patterns and SOLID principles (2e)

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    By applying this book’s principles, students can create code that accommodates new requirements and unforeseen scenarios without significant rewrites. Gary McLean Hall describes Agile best practices, principles, and patterns for designing and writing code that can evolve more quickly and easil... Read more >

  • Basic Reading Power 1 Student Book (3e)

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    Its unique structure, featuring four parts to be used concurrently, allows beginning-level students (with a 300-word vocabulary) to develop the multiple sills and strategies involved in the reading process. Overview Extensive Reading helps students to build reading fluency, broaden knowledge... Read more >

  • Building Data Centers with VXLAN EVPN

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    This is the only complete guide and deployment reference for building flexible data center network fabrics with VXLAN and BGP-EVPN technologies. Authored by world-renowned Cisco experts and CiscoLive speakers, it addresses everything from standards and protocols to functions, configuration, operatio... Read more >

  • Component-Based Rails Applications: Large Domains Under Control

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    When Ruby on Rails was introduced, web developers flocked to it, quickly building applications that have become utterly indispensable to their organisations. But those early Rails applications have often proven extremely difficult to maintain, evolve, and scale. Now, in Component-Based Rails Applica... Read more >

  • Computer Graphics with Open GL, Pearson New International Edition (4e)

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    For junior- to graduate-level courses in computer graphics. Assuming no background in computer graphics, this junior- to graduate-level textbook presents basic principles for the design, use, and understanding of computer graphics systems and applications. The authors, authorities in their field, o... Read more >