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  • Pearson Baccalaureate: Physics Higher Level: Print and eText bundle for the IB Diploma (2e)

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    Supporting every learner across the IB continuum Completely revised new editions of the market-leading Physics textbooks for HL and SL, written for the new 2014 Science IB Diploma curriculum. Now with an accompanying four-year student access to an enhanced eText, containing simulations, animations, ... Read more >

  • Pearson Chapters Year 2: We're Not Twins!: (NZ Year 3)

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    My brother Seb and I look so much alike that people always think we are twins. Seb wants us to win the prize in the Cutest Twins competition but I want everyone to know, We're Not Twins! Genre: Realistic Narrative Reading Level: 21-24

  • Pearson Chapters Year 6: Daggy Dad Disco, The: (NZ Year 7)

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    Tilly's dad takes photos of bee's bottoms, Hannah's dad collects barber's chairs and my dad loves Morris dancing, frilly knickerbockers and all. And now our dads have been invited to our school's father-daughter disco. For us, it's going to be The Daggy Dad Disco! Genre: Humour Level: Upper... Read more >

  • Pearson Chapters Year 6: Oops! I Wrote a Txt Novel: (NZ Year 7)

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    Oops! I Wrote a Txt Novel ☺ on my phone, and now I'm in all sorts of trouble! It started off as a bit of fun - a story about a few of my teachers. Before long, the story was being sent all over the place! The only problem is, Ms Singh, the Principal, doesn't seem to like it as much as my frien... Read more >

  • Pearson English 4 Great Southern Land - Early Settlement: NZ Yr 5

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    Read Early Settlement to find out the answers to these questions. Who was aboard the First Fleet? How were the convicts treated? What problems did the new settlers face? How did European settlement impact Aboriginal people? Why do people come to Australia today?