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  • Concurrent Programming in Java™: Design Principles and Pattern (2e)

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    One of Java's most powerful capabilities is its built-in support for concurrent programming, a design technique in which multiple concurrent activities-threads take place inside a single Java program. Thread programming enables developers to design applications that are more responsive to... Read more >

  • Living Through History: Medieval Realms

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    Helping you win the battle for History Contents Listing Chapter 1 1.1 This is Medieval England Chapter 2 2.1 Why was England invaded in 1066 2.2 William v. Harold 1066 2.3 King of England? 2.4 A new way of ruling? 2.5 What were the early Norman Castles like? Chapter 3 3.1 Power over people's minds... Read more >

  • The Physiology Coloring Book (2e)

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    This colouring book offers an enjoyable, highly effective way for students to learn physiology. Topics are covered in self-contained two-page spreads, allowing students to easily focus on the material being presented. A unique combination of introductory material, names and illustrations to be colou... Read more >