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  • A Short Guide to Writing about Biology, Global Edition (9e)

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    For courses in Writing Across the Curriculum or Writing About Biology.   Developing the tools to effectively write about biology Teaching biology and strong writing skills simultaneously is a challenge, especially when students exhibit a range of abilities. The 9th Edition of A Short Guide t... Read more >

  • Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Global Edition (3e)

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    For one or two-semester, undergraduate or graduate-level courses in Artificial Intelligence. The long-anticipated revision of this best-selling text offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to the theory and practice of artificial intelligence.  

  • Bug Club Fluent Fiction Play (White): The Best Weaver in the World

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    Arachne thinks she's the world's best weaver, but the Goddess Athena does not agree. Who is the best weaver? Find out in this tale from Ancient Greece.

  • Bug Club Fluent Plus Fiction Play (Ruby): Living in a Rock Pool

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    Gobby, Pip, Jolly and Speedy are best friends who live together in a rock pool. One day they discover a dangerous hole in the wall of their rock pool. How did the hole come about, and how will the friends fix it? This title is an Informative Tale.

  • Bug Club Fluent Plus Fiction Play (Sapphire): Inside Outside

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    Brim and the other Home kids have always been taught that being the same is good. Then they meet Alice and Rocky, and everything starts to change. This title is a Science Fiction Tale.