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  • Rapid Stage 4 Benchmark Book: Double Trouble (Series 1)

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    Ben and the Clone Machine: Ben has made a Clone-O-Mat that can copy people. Ruby thinks it will not work, but she has a big surprise! Shrinking Sam and the Spider: When Sam's mum asks him to get a packet of seeds, he shrinks! Then he meets a huge spider, and the spider is very hungry...

  • Rapid Stage 5 Benchmark Book: Aliens and Enemies (Series 1)

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    Aliens at the Cinema: Ziggy and Pod go on a mission to find out how humans have fun. But what happens when they go to see a film about aliens at the cinema? Mole Man in the Caribbean: Mole Man smells bad trouble in the Caribbean. Will he be able to stop his enemy, the Big Slug from breaking up the i... Read more >