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  • Listen Hear! 25 Effective Listening Comprehension Strategies

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    Have you ever asked your students "Are you listening?" and felt uneasy that their response didn't distinguish listening from hearing? We expect children to spend fifty percent or more of their school day engaged in listening-comprehension activities, yet despite today's emphasis on skills-... Read more >

  • Literacy Links: Practical Strategies to Develop the Emergent Literacy At-Risk Children Need

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    Thoroughly comprehensive and practical, Literacy Links offers strategy after strategy to help literacy-deprived young learners. Robb has found that giving students the opportunity to experience family storybook reading at school works best. She offers four ways to reconstruct that experience and dev... Read more >

  • Not This But That: No More Phonics and Spelling Worksheets

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    We want students to be curious about how words work and develop strategies that work whether they are decoding words or spelling them. And our jobs would be easier if students couldn’t wait for word study. Yet so many classrooms are stuck in the cycle of unengaging, one-size fits all phonics ... Read more >

  • Play Attention!

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  • Reading Essentials: The Specifics You Need to Teach Reading Well

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    Based on her continuing work teaching in schools, Routman proves that good teaching doesn't have to mean lots of hours spent planning. What's necessary is good thinking—thinking about what matters to kids, what kids need to know, how we can move them forward, and how to ensure that they compre... Read more >