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  • Phonics Lessons with CD-ROM : Letters, Words, and How They Work - Grade 2

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    The Phonics Lessons book is a complete Phonics and Word Study Curriculum for each of the primary grades. With 100 Minilessons for each of the three grade levels, you can use the month-by-month planning guide, the assessment checklists, and the lesson selection map to choose the lessons that align wi... Read more >

  • Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency: Thinking, Talking and Writing about Reading K-8 (2e)

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    Offering a complete picture of how to skillfully teach meaning making and fluency within any instructional context, Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency, K–8, supports you with frameworks for high-quality instruction that describe appropriate expectations for comprehending, fluency, and voca... Read more >

  • Writing to Live

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    If a school reflects the beliefs of its community, then its curriculum mirrors how children are valued and what kinds of learning matter most. In some schools well-intentioned writing curriculum disengages students from their world by artificially limiting their natural zest for self-expression. Tha... Read more >