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  • Bug Club Level 26: Pirate School - Nice Dog!

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    Patagonia Clatterbottom is not happy. A dog has stowed away aboard her ship and inspectors have arrived to test her pupils on all their pirate skills. It’s going to take more than rope-climbing, plank-walking and cannon-firing to save the day – it’s time for a mutiny! Ruff!

  • Bug Club Level 25: Pirate School - The Birthday Battle

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    When the Highway-kids from Dick Lurkin’s school steal Patagonia Clatterbottom’s party feast, the pupils at Pirate School must plan a daring rescue mission. Will their new fighting skills take their rivals by surprise? Or will their head teacher’s birthday bash be a total washout? A... Read more >

  • Primary Years Programme Level 7 - Brave Mouse (Pack of 6)

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    The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Readers and Companions is a starter Programme of Inquiry kit, covering the most accessible units of inquiry across the six trans-disciplinary themes. The resources provide an ideal starting point to deliver the IB Primary Years Programme. The starter Programme o... Read more >