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  • Ca y est ! Audio CDs

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    Ça y est ! is an innovative magazine-style topic-based course which invites students in Year 10 and early Year 11 to experience French language and culture at a more advanced level. Researched on location in France and Morocco, Ça y est ! uses original photographs, up-to-date realia an... Read more >

  • Ca Y Est!: Textbook

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    An innovative, topic-based course for Years 11 and 12 students It provides a systematic, accessible approach to developing language skills and seamlessly blends language and culture at a more advanced level. Ça y est! is equally suited to students who have previously worked with other French... Read more >

  • Financial Statement Analysis: A Valuation Approach

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    For undergraduate/graduate courses in Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation. This text combines finance, accounting, and business strategy theory with enough real accounting information to teach students how to actually use financial statement data in valuation and analysis—as well a... Read more >

  • Grammar & Vocabulary CAE & CPE Workbook With Key New Edition (2e)

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    Designed for all advanced students. Fully updated in line with the enw CPE exam, this New Edition provides thorough coverage of the structures and vocabulary essential for CAE and CPE exam success. Detailed grammar content. Clear presentation, an index of structures and a wealth of examples based o... Read more >

  • Heinemann Advanced History: France in Revolution 1776-1830

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    The Heinemann Advanced History Series is a series which provides excellent coverage of all the most popular topics. Each of the books is a manageable topic giving students a clear sense of achievement as they work their way through. There are extra notes, biography boxes and definitions in the margi... Read more >