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  • Financial Management: Principles and Applications MyLab Finance with eText (8e)

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    Digital Access Code Purchase. When you buy a digital access code you will receive your unique redemption code and instructions on how to access this product. Please Note: To access MyLab Finance you need a Course ID from your instructor. The duration of access to MyLab Finance is set by your i... Read more >

  • Fundamentals of Financial Markets and Institutions in Australia eBook (2e)

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    Designed for first-year commerce students who need a brief yet applied introduction to the financial industry. Describes why things happen the way they do, and delineates the relationships amongst different markets and institutions. Reflect current industry trends and events: to reflect the dynami... Read more >

  • Primary and Middle Years Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally eBook

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    This text is targeted towards teaching primary and middle years mathematics units in the Bachelor of Education degree. Illustrates how children learn mathematics, and then shows pre-service teachers the most effective methods of teaching mathematics through hands-on, problem-based activities. ... Read more >