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  • Connecting with Students Online

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    An unprecedented pandemic may change the definition of classroom, but it doesn't have to change your definition of good teaching. Now that you’re making the shift to online teaching, it’s time to answer your biggest questions about remote, digitally based instruction: How do I bui... Read more >

  • My Kids Can: Making Math Accessible to All Learners, K-5 (2e)

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    Teaching mathematics to a range of learners has always been challenging. With the widespread use of inclusion and RTI, having a variety of effective teaching options for students who struggle is more important than ever. In My Kids Can, you’ll get instructional strategies that allow all strugg... Read more >

  • Phenomenal Teaching

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    “Teaching for agency and understanding works for everyone. So, start where you are, use what you have, teach whoever comes through your door.” - Wendy Ward Hoffer Phenomenal Teaching is a professional development workshop in a book. The text charts a pathway for teachers to cultivate... Read more >

  • Teaching Reading in Small Groups

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    In Teaching Reading in Small Groups, Jennifer Serravallo extends the powerful teaching that made Conferring with Readers a hit and helps you meet instructional challenges effectively and efficiently. Jen shows how small groups help you uncover hidden time in your teaching for meeting individual stu... Read more >

  • Teaching Writers to Reflect

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    Even if your writing workshop hums with the sound of productive work most days, with time carved out for sharing and reflecting, how do you know whether your students are really learning from their writing experiences, or if they’re just going through the motions of writing? What if you could ... Read more >