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  • Pearson Atlas

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    Book + Disk
    The Pearson Atlas is a highly visual Atlas for human and physical geography as well as humanities and SOSE courses. It is your guidebook to the world, featuring full-colour maps and diagrams as well as hundreds of colour images of flora, fauna, daily life and amazing events from around the world. It... Read more >

  • Pearson Chapters Year 2 Pack: (NZ Year 3)

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    This pack contains 1 x copy of the following titles:  Title  Genre  RL  Brave Benny  Fantasy/Adventure 21-24   Fangs ... Read more >

  • Pearson Chapters Year 2: Brave Benny: (NZ Year 3)

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    Brave Benny is such a brave baby. And one night, Brave Benny shows just how brave he is when he goes on a big adventure to save his Teddy. Genre: Fantasy/Adventure Reading Level: 21-24 

  • Pearson Chapters Year 2: My Irish Accent: (NZ Year 3)

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    My best friend is Blaze and boy, can she be bossy! I have to speak in My Irish Accent and trick the lady in the lolly shop. I know there's going to be trouble! Genre: Realistic Narrative Reading Level: 25

  • Pearson Chapters Year 2: Trouble at the Sandpit: (NZ Year 3)

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    Theo and his friends love playing in the sandpit with their trucks. But when the bigger boys take their trucks away, there's Trouble at the Sandpit. Genre: Realistic Narrative Reading Level: 15-20