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  • An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Finite Volume Method (2e)

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    This established, leading textbook, is suitable for courses in CFD. This edition covers new techniques and methods, as well as considerable expansion of the advanced topics and applications (from one to four chapters). This book presents the fundamentals of computational fluid mechanics for the nov... Read more >

  • Brilliant Employability Skills: How to stand out from the crowd in the graduate job market (2e)

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    What makes you stand out in the market for that great graduate job? In the competitive market for graduate jobs, securing a good degree no longer sets you apart from other candidates – this book will provide you with the tools and techniques to allow you to gain and communicate the range of em... Read more >

  • Catcher in the Rye, The: York Notes GCSE

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    Take Note for Exam Success!York Notes offer an exciting approach to English literature. This market leading series fully reflects student needs. They are packed with summaries, commentaries, exam advice, margin and textual features to offer a wider context to the text and encourage a critical analys... Read more >

  • Equus: New Longman Literature

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    Teenager Alan, fought over by a religious mother and an atheist father, finds release in horses, until he is driven to blind them with a spike. Why?

  • Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis (5e)

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    An extensive introduction to all the mathematical tools an economist needs is provided in this worldwide bestseller.