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  • Campbell Biology in Focus, Global Edition (3e)

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    For introductory biology course for science majors Focus. Practice. Engage. Built unit-by-unit, Campbell Biology in Focus achieves a balance between breadth and depth of concepts to move students away from memorisation. Streamlined content enables students to prioritise essential biology con... Read more >

  • Human Resource Management (11e)

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  • Operations Strategy (6e)

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    Operations Strategy, 6th Edition, by Slack and Lewis, builds on concepts from strategic management, operations management, marketing and HRM. The text encourages a thorough understanding of operations strategy, exploring key activities, decisions and processes adopted by a broad range of organisatio... Read more >

  • Remarkable Brand Experiences

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    In this book, you'll discover what is meant by the Branded Customer Experience, why it’s so important today, some of the common hurdles in executing a brand experience strategy, compelling examples from companies that are getting it right, and simple steps that companies can start taking today... Read more >

  • Roadmap A2 Students' Book with Online Practice, Digital Resources & Mobile Practice App

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    The Students' Book includes: Ten units with three main input lessons link to three Develop your listening, reading and writing skills lessons. An English in Action lesson in each unit covers key functional language with video clips and worksheets. In each main lesson the Grammar, ... Read more >