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  • Pearson Atlas

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    Book + Disk
    The Pearson Atlas is a highly visual Atlas for human and physical geography as well as humanities and SOSE courses. It is your guidebook to the world, featuring full-colour maps and diagrams as well as hundreds of colour images of flora, fauna, daily life and amazing events from around the world. It... Read more >

  • Edexcel AS Geography: Student Book

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    Book + Disk
    Edexcel's dedicated resources offer the most comprehensive support and the widest selection of resources for teachers and students. This suite of GCE Geography materials provides a complete match to the specification, with engaging Students’ Books for AS and A2. Case study and fieldwork... Read more >

  • Understanding GCSE Geography for AQA Specification A

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    Focused exam preparation to get the grades you want! Featuring an array of engaging and thought-provoking activities, this Student Book equips students with the core skills and understanding they need to reach their full potential at GCSE. Exciting, engaging activities help students develop a broad ... Read more >

  • Edexcel A2 Geography: Student Book

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    Book + Disk
    Motivating Student Books With engaging colourful designs and exciting new features, students receive the best support to help achieve great results. Key terms are highlighted and defined in a comprehensive glossary to develop geographical language. Actitivies provide extend and suppo... Read more >

  • Edexcel GCSE in Leisure and Tourism: Student Book

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    Edexcel's own resources for GCSE Leisure and Tourism With an engaging, real world focus and expert help with planning and assessment, Edexcel GCSE in Leisure and Tourism resources deliver unbeatable support that is designed to save you time and ensure your learners succeed to the best of their abil... Read more >