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  • Conflict and Kiwis

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    AWARD WINNER! 2014 CLNZ Educational Publishing Awards - Best Resource in Secondary Education Conflict and Kiwis will help you gain a good overview and insight into the differing forms that conflict can take and specifically a number of key world conflicts and key happenings that impacted on New Ze... Read more >

  • Conflict and Kiwis VitalSource eText: Digital Access Code - 1 year lease

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    When you buy a VitalSource eText you will receive, via email, your unique redemption code and instructions on how to access this product. Please note: VitalSource eTexts are available for download immediately and cannot be returned once purchased. Pearson VitalSource eTexts – digital books tha... Read more >

  • Discovering Diversity: How the diverse values and beliefs of world religions are shaping our identity

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    Discovery Diversity explains and explores the major world religions that now form part of the fabric of Aotearoa New Zealand’s multicultural society. It introduces the reader to some of the beliefs and practices of these faiths, with the aim of increasing empathy, understanding and knowledge. ... Read more >

  • Discovering Diversity: Teaching Resource

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    This comprehensive, interactive teaching resource (on CD) to accompany Discovering Diversity (ISBN: 9781442510180) includes: A user-enabled PDF file of the textbook (for use with a data projector or IWB) Blackline masters PowerPoint presentations Conversation Cafe discussion st... Read more >

  • Gamma Combo eBooks (Gamma Fundamentals + Gamma Mathematics): Digital Access Code - 1 year lease: NCEA Level 1

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    The Gamma Combo VitalSource Redemption Code provides access to both Gamma Mathematics and Gamma Fundamentals VitalSource eBooks. Digital Access Code. When you buy an eBook you will receive a unique digital redemption code and instructions on how to access this product direct from VitalSource. ... Read more >