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  • A Christmas Carol: York Notes for GCSE (9-1) Workbook

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    Prepare for success with York Notes Workbooks! York Notes for GCSE Workbooks offer a wide range of write-in tasks and exercises to boost your knowledge of the text and help you practise for the exam: Learn: Tasks and answers on every area of the text, from Plot and Action and Characters to Key... Read more >

  • Across the Barricades: New Windmills

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    In Belfast, where not being home on time makes your family afraid for your life, the fear and suspicion between Catholics and Protestants is deep and violent. When Sadie and Kevin, from opposing sides, fall in love they have problems placed in their way over which they can never have control.

  • Ancients Alive

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    Why did the Egyptians make mummies? Why did Sparta need a brutal secret police force? Why were gladiators murders and heroes? This social studies resource book answers these questions and explores the lives of the people of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. It looks in particular at the ... Read more >

  • Don't Make Me Laugh: New Windmills

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    Literature for life This collection of humorous stories will appeal to all your students. David Kitchen tested masses of stories with students - the only ones included here are ones which really made them smile. Age 10+ Licked - Paul Jennings You Don't Look Very Poorly - Anne Fine SWALK - Sam McB... Read more >

  • Echo AQA GCSE Foundation Level: Student Book

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    Helping every student get a better grade The Echo: AQA GCSE Foundation Student Book has been written for the 2009 specification and is packed with interesting content and activities to suit your less able pupils. Dedicated spreads for listening and reading to help prepare your students for ex... Read more >