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  • Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma (Book + eBook) (3e)

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    Book + Access Code
    Support your learners as they explore Theory of Knowledge (ToK) in line with the new Guide for first teaching in September 2020. Extremely experienced authoring team of examiners, curriculum reviewers and workshop leaders – Sue Bastian, Julian Kitching and Ric Sims. Provides full co... Read more >

  • Viva! 3 Verde Student Book (2e)

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    Viva! 2nd edition is packed with content your Spanish language lower secondary students will enjoy learning. With a strong cultural focus and a wide range of resources for all abilities, ¡Viva! opens the window to the Spanish-speaking world. For Level 3, note that Verde is more accessible; a... Read more >

  • Espanol B for the IB Diploma Workbook

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    Not yet available
    Our engaging IB Diploma Spanish workbook is fully matched to the new 2018 Subject Guide to provide focused practice to prepare your students for their end of course assessments. The exercises in the workbook prepares students for the reading, writing and listening assessments - with QR codes ... Read more >

  • Dynamo 3 Vert Workbook Pack (x8)

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    Dynamo is our newest course for Lower Secondary French, with up-to-date cultural content and an active approach to learning grammar to motivate and engage your students. Builds key language skills at junior level providing a seamless transition to our senior French courses. Diff... Read more >

  • Pearson Edexcel International GCSE (91) Computer Science with eBook

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    Book + Access Code
    For the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE (9–1), with progression, international relevance, exam practice and support at their core. These resources are designed for anyone following the latest Pearson Edexcel International GCSE (9–1), teachers and learners, who want the best preparatio... Read more >